pierre's TUG dolly
Pierre likes a trailer or two. He has a tatty one which with a TUG trailer mover attached, makes a handy trolley for garden waste.

He has a camping trailer which lives in a small gap behind some solar panels. With the TUG trailer dolly attached he can manoeuvre it in there far more easily.


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pierre moves a camping trailer
He has a dinghy trailer and a building trailer - both of which have benefited from the TUG trailer mover. Much of the ground he needs to move his trailers across is rough or even worse; gravel. This is especially true down at the sailing club. The TUG has made moving his trailers much easier.
Pierres sailing trailer
pierre's brenderup trailer

"It's brilliant! I like an easy life and I use it to drag all my trailers around my garden when I used to have to use a lawn-tractor where I could. Even my cynical girlfriend who usually frowns at my gadget purchases said "wow-that's great!"

"The TUG makes things much quicker and easier."

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The Tug - No Sweat!