Ollie, moving a car trailer by hand


Ollie was interested in a TUG for moving his car trailer by hand on Twitter; recognising his earnest enthusiasm we decided to sponsor him.

We also knew how handy the TUG would be to him, from our own experience. Moving his trailer into its storage space beside his house was impossible with a car, and always a struggle on his own.

With a TUG he can move his trailer there very easily.


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Ollie Coles sponsored by Tugco
Car trailers are particularly low for others to help push. The TUG means that two people can pull at once very efficiently, although now only one person is normally needed.
Moving a car trailer by hand
Ollie was in the early days of his racing career. He started with good old British MG Metro.
Ollie wanted to move his car trailer by hand


"Moving my trailer with the TUG makes my life so much easier. I can now move my trailer easily whenever I like instead of having to ask people for a hand to move it."



In the past we have bought Ollie a new radiator and a more accurate temperature gauge to help maintain his cool in his first race car.


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We gave him a TUG trailer dolly and a new radiator

Then he moved up into a MG 170 we bought him some coaching and updated his TUG too.

Another winter, some orange paint and new Tug stickers and Ollie started to collect silverware!

For car trailer pulling, Ollie uses a Tug
Ollie is a winner!
The Tug and Ollie, a winning combination