John the Brewer


John the Brewer is an award-winning champion of the Real Ale world. His wonderful brews are created at The Earl Soham Brewery. He was also the first Tugger to benefit from the puncture-proof, heavy duty wheels on his TUG trailer dolly. John was particularly impressed when we were messing about with a prototype TUG in his pub one evening. The fact it clipped together so quickly, impressed him so much that he bought one on the spot!

Earl Soham Brewer
"The TUG trailer mover is used at least twice a week to pull an old trailer full of half a tonne of wet grain across a rough concrete yard. It was giving us all back ache. The farmer who comes to get the grain for his cows resisted using it at first, now he is a committed Tugger!"
"Another pint of Albert old chap?"
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