Jim O'


Jim O' is an ex-championship winning Classic Motorcycle racer who has sensibly moved over to four wheels.
Pull a Brian James Car trailer with a Tug dolly
Move a Brian James Car trailer with a Tug mover
Jim pulls a Brian James Trailer with his TUG trailer puller
"The TUG trailer mover enables me to move this blooming awkward Brian James Trailer on my own. I live up a fairly rough track and without the TUG trailer dolly I simply could not do it without help. Now I can drag it, turn it and even park the trailer in a tight space. It used to take two of us 45 minutes to unload after a hard day at the track. I timed us last time, using the TUG; it only took 12 minutes!"

(Jim does get a little bit obsessive about things! Timing his unloading time...really??!!)

( And did we tell you about the time he pumped up the tyre of his early TUG with the chinese wheels until the rim broke? And then he did it again! - problem solved now: a note on the instruction sheet, and much better British wheels!)


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