Airstream Caravan Mover


Moving a heavy catering trailer by hand

Enzo runs a popular outside catering business called Scilia Roots based in West London. As well as a fully equipped catering lorry he has a traditional stone pizza oven mounted in this trailer. It is blooming heavy and awkward to move!

Enzo ordered a TUG trailer puller with the puncture proof wheels and he tells us that it has "changed his life". He could not move the trailer on his own without a Tug and as you can see, he has to jiggle the trailer about to get it parked in his drive.

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Pulling a catering trailer
"Moving my trailer with the TUG makes my life so much easier. I can now move my trailer and it saves me money as I don't always have to employ an extra person just to set up my pitch.
Pulling a heavy trailer

Enzo also had a go with the three wheeled Tug and really liked it.

Enzo likes the Tug trailer mover
Enzo moving a heavy trailer



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The Tug - No Sweat!