Airstream Caravan Mover

Silver Belles are a company specialising in the sourcing, restoration, hiring and selling of Airstream Caravans. They ordered a standard TUG Caravan Mover for moving these beasts around. Now they sell them to their customers. This should reassure those interested people who are unsure of the true capacity of a TUG.
beautiful airstream benefits from a TUG caravan mover
Some of the Airstream Caravans are huge and one just would not consider even trying to move one by bending down and pulling on the tow hitch or jockey wheel. With a heavy duty TUG at its highest setting, some of the weight is taken off the front axle, enabling the caravan to turn more easily. The handle of the TUG means that two people can pull from an advantageous height. This is particularly useful on sites and urban locations where there is not room for a tow vehicle to swing about. Once the job is done the TUG can be quickly clipped apart and easily stowed away until it is needed again.
"Hi Reg, we ordered one of your TUG Caravan movers recently. It's Brilliant we have just sold another to a customer!" Georgina Knight.
Manual caravan moving device


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