Third Wheel Option


pushing a caravan
Our own Bracket makes pushing trailers easier

The TUG has proved very popular for use with extremely heavy trailers. When pulling their trailers some folk wanted to push them with the same ease. Occasionally the weight of the trailer made this hard as the handle of the Tug is naturally forced towards the ground when pushing.

The solution is this high quality, British made, puncture proof third wheel!

The third wheel is mounted on our own bracket with attaches to the steerer with just two clips. 

The TUG shown here is the biggest and strongest version. It has the taller post, the heavy duty brackets and the third wheel.


Caravans that you might have moved with a struggle and a risk of back and arm strain are easy with a TUG

The ability to have two people pulling or pushing at once in this way further increases the ability to move cumbersome trailers.

This is particularly true with larger, four wheeled trailers such as our customers who use a TUG trailer dolly to move a catering trailer.

We would recommend the heavy duty version with BRITISH-made puncture-proof wheels with roller bearings in this instance. Check the parts page to see which height ball post you might need.

The Tug - No Sweat!