The Tug trailer dolly; caravan mover clips together in seconds

The TUG dismantles completely without the need for tools. It uses high quality fixings and clever clips. The metalwork and laser-cut brackets are made and plated in Suffolk, Great Britain.

The wheels are also made in Britain. They have waterproof roller bearings and the heavy duty wheels are puncture proof.

The heavy duty wheels are not solid as we have found that some give is required to give better grip and handling when Tugging.

The tallest ball post setting

There are two heights of ball post available. Each one offers a range of possible heights when fitted to the Tug.

The standard height post is great for a tow hitch between 40-60 cm from the ground. The longer post is suitable for tow hitches 60-70 cm from the ground, or lower ones where you want to take the weight off the front set of wheels on a four wheeled trailer. If in doubt, just drop us a line or give us a call, or you could buy one of each post on our BUY page.

The heavy duty Tug is supplied with uprated brackets as well as the puncture proof wheels as standard.


The Tug - No Sweat!


Tug heavy duty brackets

The option of a third wheel for your Tug trailer mover has its own page here.

The Tug trailer dolly / caravan mover is a Great British product!