Horsebox trailer mover

Moving a horsebox by hand is so much easier with a TUG. Have you ever tried to move or pull a horsebox, on your own, on gravel? It's a nightmare without a Tug horsebox dolly.

The jockey wheel on this horsebox is going to dig into the gravel and make it a problem. The Tug horsebox dolly wheels on the concrete would solve this, and even on a pure gravel drive will make your life so much easier.

Moving a horsebox manually.
Horsebox moving by hand is easier with a Tug dolly


Moving a horsebox


We had not really imagined that moving a horsebox with a Tug would be possible until we tried it. Reg had borrowed one to move a batch of his rare-breed pigs. The horsebox trailer was parked beside a cottage, on rough ground to the side of a slope. Great! Obviously the family who own it, usually all pitch in to help park the trailer. There was no room to reverse the Land Rover in. No-one was at home. Luckily he had the prototype TUG trailer mover in the Landy. Problem solved.

If you have a horsebox that needs to be pushed into a small space beside your house, garage or in the livery yard, it can be a struggle. It is often the case that you are good at reversing your horsebox but you simply don't have the room for the tow vehicle to manoeuvre it into place. Consider the third wheel option in this case.

The Tug - No Sweat!