Pulling a camping trailer

Moving a Camping trailer is so much easier with a at a festival like Latitude especially at where the cars are parked miles away from the campsites. Pulling a camping trailer by hand couldn't be easier! For trailers like this most people go for the standard Tug at £157 or with puncture proof wheels for £197

Making pulling a camping trailer easy

Moving a camping trailer with a Tug at a Festival is a smug experience.

Waiting to pull a camping trailer at Latitude Festival

Camping trailers such as the Erdes etc. seen here are otfen used around the garden and allotment to move rubbish to the tip etc. By connecting a Tug they become handy barrows:

Using a trailer in the gardenAllotment societies and town councils have bought Tugs for this use.
A trailer at the allotment

The Tug - No Sweat!

Some folks find that their trailer tents such as this Dandy, are hard to park into a confined space beside their house or garage. Often their jockey wheel is damaged which increases the problem. A Tug solves this.

Moving a trailertent

And to see how this clever device comes apart to fit in your boot, click here.