Moving a Catering Trailer by hand


Moving a Catering trailer is so much easier with a TUG trailer mover. Sometimes it is not possible to tow the trailer onto the site exactly where you want it.    

Other traders may already be there, leaving just a small pitch for you. We have sold a number of these to food stalls that go to festivals and markets where the vendors find the TUG invaluable to get their trailer in or out of a tight spot with less manpower.
The adjustable height of the Tug trailer dolly is useful here
Moving the catering trailer was easy with the Tug
Clipping the handle off the Tug trailer mover leaves a stable trailer

Enzo from Scilia Roots in London loves his TUG. His trailer has a stone Pizza oven and is really hard to move without a trailer dolly.

Enzo loves his catering trailer mover

He used to have to employ an extra person to help him move it; with a TUG he can move his trailer on his own.

The pizzas are blooming lovely too!

Moving a catering trailer manually


Space to move the trailer with the Land Rover on the Market Hill early on a Saturday morning is at a premium. This is where a TUG comes in very handy.         

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If you have a heavy trailer that needs to be pushed into a small space beside your house, garage or in the yard, it can be a struggle. It is often the case that you are good at reversing your trailer but you simply don't have the room for the tow vehicle to manoeuvre it into place. Consider the third wheel option in this case.

Moving a heavy market trailer
Pulling a catering trailer by hand

The Tug - No Sweat!