Car Trailer Mover

Moving a car trailer like these Brian James transporter trailers is so much easier with a Tug trailer mover.

And to see how this clever device comes apart to fit in your boot, click here.

Moving a Brian James trailer by hand

"The TUG trailer mover enables me to move this blooming awkward Brian James Trailer on my own. I live up a fairly rough track and without the TUG trailer dolly I simply could not do it without help. Now I can drag it, turn it and even park the trailer in a tight space. It used to take two of us 45 minutes to unload after a hard day at the track. I timed us last time, using the TUG; it only took 12 minutes!" See the rest of Jim's story here

If you have a heavy trailer that needs to be pushed into a small space beside your house, garage or in the yard, it can be a struggle. It is often the case that you are good at reversing your trailer but you simply don't have the room for the tow vehicle to manoeuvre it into place. Consider the third wheel option in this case.

Paul has a three wheel Tug and he moves his MGZR race car ON HIS TRAILER with it.
Paul has a three wheel Heavy Duty Tug and he moves his MGZR race car ON HIS TRAILER with it.

Trying to move car trailers by bending down and pulling the tow hitch with one arm was always a struggle.

We moved these things for ages and at racing circuits all over Europe.

Jim's Brian James trailer on the track with his Tug trailer mover; trailer dolly
Manually moving a car trailer by Brian James with a Tug trailer mover; trailer dolly


A four wheeled trailer can be particularly cumbersome to move around and the tyres scrub considerably when trying to turn in a tight space.

By putting the ball post of the TUG in a high setting it is usually possible to reduce the weight on the front pair of wheels. This makes turning the blooming thing much easier.

If you couple this with the fact that the Tugger can pull the trailer from a more convenient and effective height, you can see that things are considerably easier with a TUG. We wish we'd had one years ago.

The Tug - No Sweat!

We sponsored a budding racer called Ollie and he can now move his trailer so much more easily than before.
Ollie moves his Brian James trailer easily with a Tug trailer mover