Builder Trailer mover


Moving a builder's trailer or a garden trailer is so much easier with a TUG trailer puller. Pierre cannot move this trailer when it is full of soil etc. unless he uses a TUG trailer dolly.

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Pulling a Brenderup trailer

Jimbo in New England uses his TUG connected to his trailer to make a really useful trolley for collecting all his leaves and rubbish. When he is done he simply hooks it up to his car and takes it all to the recycling centre.

Pulling a garden trailer

If you have a heavy trailer that needs to be pushed into a small space beside your house, garage or in the yard, it can be a struggle. It is often the case that you are good at reversing your trailer but you simply don't have the room for the tow vehicle to manoeuvre it into place. Consider the third wheel option in this case.

Moving heavy trailer by hand

Mark loves his TUG. He told us" It's bloody brilliant! I can get my heavy trailer over wet grass with all my tools or soil in it. It has saved me a lot of time and effort."

Jolly tradesman uses a Tug to move his trailer

If you are unsure which model you need, go straight to the buy page as there are recommendations listed besides each option.


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The Tug - No Sweat!