Box Trailer mover

Moving a box trailer is so much easier with a TUG trailer dolly! It really is possible to move this sort of trailer on your own but only if you can pull from the right height with a TUG trailer dolly.
Moving a heavy trailer with a TUG trailer dolly; trailer mover
Even big trailers like this can be moved with a standard Tug if empty. Otherwise we would recommend the heavy duty version.


The only way to get a trailer into a narrow gap like this is manually. This usually involves getting friends or family to help.With a TUG Trailer mover, in this case a heavy duty three wheel version, the job is much easier.Pushing is possible thanks to the third wheel option rather than just relying on the jockey wheel. To see how this clever device comes apart to fit in your boot, click here.

Box trailer in a narrow gap

Another big, heavy trailer that is moved manually using a TUG dolly. See the testimonials page for real life stories of success.




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