Boat & Dingy Trailer launcher & mover

Moving or launching a boat is so much easier with a TUG dolly. Boatyards, beaches and river banks are notoriously rough and uneven. The TUG makes things much easier on these surfaces, especially if your jockey wheel is damaged; as at least 50% are!
Solving the problems when launching a dinghy from the beach

People are using TUGs to move their launching trollies too. The TUG is safe to use in the sea with plated metalwork and rust proof wheels and bearings.

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Recently we have been talking to members of the sailing community who have to pull their launching trollies over sandy beaches. We have been working on a fitting that is either universal or at least suitable for the majority of popular trailers.

We are now able to offer a post that simply bolts in where the ball post usually goes. 

It's extremely strong and well-made and is just:


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Solving the problem of moving a dinghy on sand and stones

A customer recently bought both heights of ball post with his TUG and when we rang him to check he had not made a mistake he said"NO! The tall post helps me to store my dinghy with the drain plug removed and now it never fills up with water!" And he sent us these pictures because he was chuffed, so that was nice.

Dinghy trailer storage solution

He leaves his trailer stored with the Tug attached. It is a simple stable and convenient way to leave the dinghy unattended.

Dinghy trailer storage solution

Moving a boat trailer

Chris is pulling quite a big boat here. Trying to move it by bending down and pulling the tow hitch with one arm did his back in and was nigh on impossible!
And to see how this clever device comes apart to fit in your boot, click here.

For small boats and dinghys with single axle trailers the standard Tug is perfectly strong enough so your only decision will be whether to go for puncture proof or not. 

If you have a heavy boat that needs to be pushed into a small space beside your house, garage or in the yard, it can be a struggle. It is often the case that you are good at reversing your trailer but you simply don't have the room for the tow vehicle to manoeuvre it into place. Consider the third wheel option in this case.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements because at this stage we are happy to build bespoke fittings free of charge in order to get a feel for what is required.

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